The Process

A building development approval (building works application) is required under the Development Act 2016, Building Act and local government building regulations before starting construction, for new buildings and structures as well as for additions to existing buildings in Queensland. The main functions of Building Approvals United QLD are; to receive, assess building development applications, decide the application, inspect works under the Act. Building Approvals United QLD acts as the assessment manager for this application under a regulation.

Building Approvals United QLD enables you to start building within your required timeframes by providing you with a superior level of professional advice.   In 1998, The State of Queensland introduced its own private building certification system, which means you no longer have to go to council to obtain building approval. You can deal directly with the approving officer (building certifier) at BAU QLD.  Development approvals for building works or building approval can be granted by one of our accredited building certifiers.

Building Approvals United QLD is endorsed and empowered by State Legislation to issue building approvals, conduct inspections and finalise building works across Queensland. Since the introduction of private building certification, architects, builders, building designers, home owners, developers and town planners have engaged our services to obtain building approvals. In fact, not many councils offer these services anymore.  We can assess your building application and offer a more tailored service to ensure that your project will be managed in a timely manner.

The Building Approval Process Simplified:

The building approval process starts with you lodging an application with Building Approvals United QLD to apply for a building permit. We can provide you with a fee proposal for this (plans will be required). You accept and formally lodge your application, full plans and supporting documentation for assessment. Once you have provided all the required plans, reports and supporting documentation for your application as requested by the appointed building certifier; Building Approvals United QLD will assess and decide on the application (building development approval), once approved the construction can begin. Inspections will take place at different stages, and upon completion, final works are inspected and signed off. All of Building Approvals United QLD’s decisions and inspection documentation are archived with local government.


Step 1: Building Approval Application lodgement

Once you have accepted our fee proposal; you will need to lodge your plans for assessment, application forms completed, payments fully made and supporting documentations to Building Approvals United QLD.

Step 2: Assessment period: assessment of proposal and supporting documentation

Building Approvals United QLD will assess your plans and supporting documentation  against local and state regulatory measures and building codes.  If any further documentation is required to assess your application Building Approvals United QLD will advise.


Step 3: Decision stage

Building Approvals United QLD decides to issue the decision notice (building development approval). Local council is notified of our decision notice and the approved documents are archived with local council as well as provided to you.

Step 4: Inspections

Building Approvals United QLD conducts mandatory inspections (footings/slab, fire separation, etc.) and issue Form 16s upon satisfactorily inspections.

Step 5: Works Completion and Final Certificates

Once works are completed, and upon satisfactorily inspection Building Approvals United QLD decides to issue the final inspection certificate(F21 or F11). Local Council, owners, and builder are notified of final inspection and certification results. Building is fully approved and certified.

Servicing the Sunshine Coast area only.