Kit homes Sunshine Coast | Noosa (Building approval and certification)

BY | May 02, 2015

Kit homes Sunshine Coast and Noosa region (Building approval and certification)

BAUQ Building certifiers can facilitate all approvals necessary to allow the construction of kit homes on the Sunshine Coast and Noosa Region. We understand local requirements and can provide you with advice when it comes to kit homes and requirements for building approval.

Our role as building certifiers is to assess building applications and assess them against all the applicable regulations (including local planning schemes) We then make a decision to issue a development approval for building works (building approval) to allow the works to take place.

Generally the only involvement that local government would have in these types of small scale developments:

  • Granting plumbing approval (note that this simply an application that we can organize on your behalf) or
  • If development requires a town planning or referral application (e.g. proposed location is closer than the prescribed setback set by local planning scheme or Queensland Development Code) BAUQ Building Certifiers can facilitate these applications as well.

Under the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014; development for secondary dwellings are generally considered acceptable, building approval can be obtained from BAUQ Certifiers, notes the following general requirements:

  • The secondary dwelling is located on a lot with a minimum area of 600m².
  • The secondary dwelling has a maximum gross floor area of: 90m² where located on a lot in the Rural zone or Rural residential zone and 60m² where located on a lot in another zone (e.g. residential)
  • The dwelling house and the secondary dwelling have a combined maximum site cover of 50%.
  • At least 1 (one) car parking space, in addition to requirement for the dwelling house, is provided for the secondary dwelling.

Under the Noosa Plan; development for a second dwelling unit dwellings are generally considered acceptable, building approval can be obtained from BAUQ Certifiers, note the following general requirements:

  • Where located in the Detached Housing, Semi-Attached Housing, Attached Housing or Visitor Mixed Use Zone, the second dwelling unit has a common wall and common roof with the house on-site and the two dwellings share an interconnecting door; or if located in other areas, is located within 25m of the house onsite AND The second dwelling unit has a gross floor area of not more than 65m2 where it is fully wheelchair accessible as defined by the Building Code of Australia or 45m2 otherwise; AND The second dwelling unit contains no more than one bedroom.

Our experience and knowledge in all areas of the building and construction industry enables us to simplify the statutory building approval process.

Owners, Builders and suppliers are welcome to enquiry on how BAUQ Building certifiers can assist you. A site plan showing location of the proposed building, a rough floor plan and exact address can be given to BAUQ certifiers to provide you with a fee proposal for your next project, that easy!


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