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We offer building certification, inspections and building approval services within the Sunshine Coast Region.  We can assist with residential and commercial projects.  Generally; a building approval is required to be obtained for most building works (please contact us to discuss your specific project). The main functions of Building Approvals United QLD are; to receive, assess building development applications, decide the application, and inspect works under the Act.

If you need a building certifier on the Sunshine Coast that you can contact directly and assist you with your building project/s and is always available to provide advice; Building Approvals United QLD is the here to help. If you are an architect, building designer, builder, developer or building professional we would love the opportunity to discuss how we can assist you personally.

If you require a building approval or need to discuss the building certification process, or have a general query about your upcoming project/s, please contact us or visit our office for a chat.

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Swimming pool fence regulations QLD

Building Approvals United QLD provides building certification and building approvals including swimming pool and pool fences.

The following link contains the Queensland Development Code MP3.4 (published 18 July 2012)


If you require a building approval or like to discuss how we can help you please contact us or visit our office.

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Development application forms to apply for a building approval

Development application forms to apply for a building approval

When applying for a building permit, BAUQ building certifiers acts as the assessment manager for this application. This means that the applicant (e.g. property owner/builder/representative) applies directly to BAUQ for a building approval (not council as frequently mistaken).

The Integrated Development Assessment System (IDAS) forms are the approved forms under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (SPA) to be used. In order to lodge a building application the following IDAS forms must be submitted to BAUQ Certifiers:


  • IDAS Form 1
  • IDAS form 2


These forms can be downloaded from the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning


Should you need to discuss, please contact us on: | PH: 07 5444 1837

Building certifiers Sunshine Coast


If you are planning on doing building works then a building permit will be required. Building works involving new works, renovations, alterations, swimming pools just to mention a few, will require a building approval.

Some commonly asked questions and answers about the certification process

  • What is the general process?

Building Approvals United QLD will assess your proposal to determine whether proposed building work complies with all relevant provisions of the Building Act and associated standards. Furthermore we will conduct inspections to ensure work complies with the building approval.

  • Does the council have to assess my application?

No, if your proposal only requires a building permit; Building Approvals United QLD will assess and issue the building approval documentation. We will also forward all documentation to local government to be recorded against the property. We are fully licensed under the Building Act 1975 which enables us to do so.

(For further information see our process information page)

  • Can you provide general advice on compliance?

Yes, we can provide general advice about compliance of building work and adjacent legislation.

  • Would you draft up the plans?

No, plans will usually have to be drafted by an appropriately licensed individual or company. We can advise on these requirements and even put you in touch with some local consultants that can assist you with this.

  • Do you provide free fee proposals?

Yes, simply contact us via email at or on 07 5444 1837

  • What if you need other type of approvals?

If you need other types of approvals like a council plumbing permit, a siting relaxation or a town planning permit, we can advise you of these and can organize and lodge these on your behalf with the applicable government body.

Please contact us should you wish to speak directly with the approving officer at BAU QLD. | PH: 07 5444 1837